March 2023 Volunteer Newsletter

All Star Team

So many wonderful volunteers pitched in to make sure ESAC was fully staffed for the annual Outdoor Art Show. We had our long time seasoned volunteers as well as many new volunteers who joyfully stepped up to greet guests at at the front desk, sell beautiful items in the gift shop, provide food and hospitality for the artists and setup and take down all of the props and decorations.

Our volunteer crew – Carl Harper, David Ringler and Kevin Nolan were first on deck Thursday afternoon to monitor the arrival and set up of all of the artists. Judy Oxford, Mike Rooney, Jim Waters and Bill Dowdle set up the decorations on Thursday afternoon. Don Bryant, Christine Falls, Burton Pruitt and Margie Gewirtz greeted the artists and gave them their packets. We were off and running Friday morning with Beth Touchstone, Sonya Coker, Gaye Lindsey and Sally Demott in the kitchen to help with breakfast. Saturday morning Mary Rooney, Mike Rooney, Christine Falls and Sandy Lowe served delicious casseroles provided by Sabe Fink. Sunday morning Kim Hurlburt, B G Hinds, Burton Pruitt and Christine Falls were there to help serve delicious French toast casseroles provided by Janie and Terry Nobles. Holly Parks, Shannon Chang, Bob Mazur, B G Hinds, Jo Owen, Susan Richard, Terry Delker, Carolyn Davis and Eebie Cheshire were there to welcome visitors to the ESAC gift shop. Caroline Herron, Margie Gewirtz, Faith Kaiser, Jo Owen, Marilyn Mears and Laura Kramer were at the front desk to greet visitors.

Everyone’s favorite Friday evening artist reception was staffed by Margie Gewirtz, Betty Bowdoin, Mike Rooney, Maggie Rice, Laura Kramer, Myra Koch, Mary Rooney, Mike Rooney, Kim Hurlburt, Burton Pruitt, Holly Parks and Shannon Chang. Janie and Terry Nobles provided many of the delicious treats that were enjoyed by the artists.

Additional set up and clean up was provided by Maggie Rice, and Christine Falls, Jim Waters, Carl Harper and Patrick Whelan. The National Charity League delivered water and snacks to the artists.

A big shout out to our leader and chairman of the Outdoor Art Show – Malia Mullican!

National Charity League

Pictured above are the National Charity League Volunteers. We were unable to take photos of all of our volunteers so if you are not pictured in this newsletter please know you are still very much appreciated!