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On Display: September 1 – October 28, 2023

Mark Biletnikoff – Mixed Media Painter
Maria Prochaska Boudreaux – Mixed Media Painter
Billie Bourgeois – Painter
Alaine DiBenedetto – Painter
Chuck Braud – Painter
Andrea Easton – Fashion/Textiles
Betty Efferson – Painter
Leiana Loveday Funck – Digital Media
Denise Greenwood – Loveless – Sculptor
Heather Kinsel Artist – Sculptor
Dana Mosby – Painter
Christopher Stafford – Painter
Chad Townson – Sculptor
Kyle Vernon – Mixed Media
Pat Wattam – Painter

The Show focuses on the creative visions of our Louisiana artists. This approach showcases interpretation and allows the artists to translate personal experiences and perceptions of what Louisiana means to them—no need to take it literally and base it on swamp or bayou art—however, landscapes, abstracts, figures, and everything in between—a display of creative interpretation with a diverse collection of Louisiana-based artists in various mediums—a wide range of Work to give the Show an eclectic feel defines the broad spectrum of the title.

The theme highlights the importance of our ecosystem and interpreting the connections between art, culture, heritage, and conservation. There are so many ways people affect and perceive our everyday environments. We forget that these environments existed long before humans. Our heritage is part of who we are as individuals. Colors, sights, shapes, and viewpoints will deliver an organic connection to this story. A diverse group and mediums will portray a visual experience spanning multiple tastes and styles, thus strengthening the definition of individuality and expression. This eclectic descriptive show presents visual interpretations of water, land, wood, sky, gardens, abstracted and realistic land, and cityscapes, defining artistic perceptions of Louisiana.


“Wood and Photos”
Janice Black

On Display: September 1 – October 28, 2023

Pieces are carved and painted, either derived from or combined with photos. The works represent Jan’s friends and family – a form of contemporary genre art.  She is primarily interested in altered perspective, how objects sit in space, ways to draw or carve that perspective and the qualities of line.


Sherry Stimpson Frost

Eastern Shore Camera Club
13th Annual Photography Exhibit

On Display: September 1 – October 28, 2023

Providing members, from beginners to professionals, with educational and skill building opportunities in the art of photography. Membership in the Eastern Shore Camera Club is open to anyone with an interest in photography and all skill levels are welcome.


Thank you to this year’s Judges!

Tim Jones, Alan Sealls, & Walter Bowers

Best of Show
Elmo Priest – “Purple Rain”

Best Black and White
Rodney Kilgore – “Desert Clouds”

Best Color
John Crawford – “Blue Green Splash”

1st Place: Kathy Hicks – “Lion Roar”
2nd Place: Georgia Sims – “Roseate Spoonbill”
3rd Place: Elmo Priest – “Purple Rain”

1st Place: Debi Parnell – “Golden Glimpses”
2nd Place: Georgia Sims – “The Real Web”
3rd Place: Rodney Kilgore – “Desert Clouds”

1st Place: Debbie Jones Kuykendall – “Control Burn”
2nd Place: Bryant Whelan – “The Queen in Her Kingdom”

1st Place: John Crawford – “The Cross”
2nd Place: Phyllis Crosby – “Vintage Soda Bottles”
3rd Place: John Crawford – “Blue Green Splash”

*There was a tie between “Golden Glimpses” and “The Real Web”. To resolve the tie, we asked the public to vote last night! We had over 100 votes, and “Golden Glimpses” was chosen as the 1st Place Winner!

“Big congratulations to all!! We are all winners with this wonderful exhibit of our best work! Please tell everyone to go by the Eastern Shore Art Center and view our work, as well as all of the outstanding art in their galleries!” – Eastern Shore Camera Club