Volunteer Newsletter

Reaching Out

As the Eastern Shore Art Center’s Director of Community Outreach, Nancy Raia is teaching without the limits of the walls that contain the Art Center and she and her volunteers are making art experiences available for so many in our community. You can find Nancy and her volunteers all around Fairhope and the Eastern Shore spreading joy through wonderful art opportunities. They travel to the William F. Green Veteran’s Home, the Exceptional Foundation, Week’s Bay Estuary, Shepherd’s Place and the Fairhope Library to name a few. Their work focuses on helping those with memory loss, cognitive impairments, disabilities, or chronic disease. Nancy also hosts volunteer events at the art center for members of the National Charity League, a mother-daughter service organization.

Nancy recently hosted a volunteer workshop at the art center giving ESAC volunteers and members an opportunity to help prepare kits for art outreach projects.

Thanks to Nancy and her wonderful volunteers for spreading creative joy throughout the Eastern Shore Community!!

Community Outreach

Pictured above – Anne Smith visiting with an artist at The Exceptional Foundation.

Volunteers Needed!

Thursday March 16th:
• Artists check in
• Set up and decorations

Friday March 17th:
• Morning Food Service
• Front Desk
• Gift Shop
• Artist Reception and Dinner

Saturday March 18th:
• Morning Food Service
• Front Desk
• Gift Shop

Sunday March 19th:
• Morning Food Service and Take Down
• Front Desk
• Gift Shop
• Take Down Decorations – Breakdown the Show

For More Detailed Information please contact:
Winky Dowdle at winkywd@gmail.com