Mary Hardy

“Wonderings and Wanderings”

Work by Mark Hardy

July 2 – August 28 2021


“My work is an exploration of depth and surface, past and present incited by the transformational qualities of dreams, memory (historic and familial), myth and lore. Pieces of images come from these places triggered by a thought or experience.


I take those pieces wondering, “what would happen if…?” so I start fitting them together, layering, painting, drawing, sewing and collaging.  I work intuitively until a new relationship starts to evolve.  I do not always know where the work will take me and have learned to trust and enjoy the process.


I love RAW textured SURFACES because they reveal their life lived AND…I love deep, quiet, dreamy ATMOSPHERIC SPACES that instill rest and reflection.   Between these two realms is where my images exist.


The photographic elements I use have an unknown mysterious quality that is intriguing to me as well.  Containing their own “history”(most unknown), the photographs serve as a portal to look back in to the past and initiate wonder.   I use various other collage materials that have a more actual tactile quality which causes them to exist literally on the surface and therefore, in the present.


Layering a variety of media, I form atmospheric spaces and raw textured surfaces to create a movement from back to front a falling and rising.  I apply many layers of materials “wandering” between surface and depth, past and present.”


Mary Hardy

“Paint + Cut + Paste”

Work by Jim Laugelli

July 2 – August 28 2021


“A collection of mixed media collage pieces featuring two recent themes in my work: Human Bird Series and Abstract Collages.


The “Human Bird Series” combines images of models cut from fashion magazines and replaces their faces with cutout bird images. The results are then placed on a substrate that also has been worked with various mediums. The Abstract collages utilize my own hand painted papers along with various art and found papers which are then cut, pasted, and layered on a substrate that has been worked with various mediums.”


-Jim Laugelli


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