MAY 2018

“Mixed Media”

Paintings by Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough

May 4 – 26, 2018


Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough is a native Alabamian currently living and working in Mobile. A graduate of Auburn University and the University of Illinois, Kimbrough has done post graduate work at Penland School in North Carolina, Loyola University in New Orleans, IDSVA in Portland, Maine, and Brown University. Known throughout the southeast for her colorful ceramics and two dimensional work, Kimbrough has work in many public and private collections in the United States, in Japan, in Bahrain, and in Cyprus.


Her interests lie in using texture, gesture, and color in an open, spontaneous way. Subject matter comes from all aspects of Kimbrough’s life, from the flora and fauna of Alabama, to her love of pattern and decoration. Currently represented by Ashland Gallery in Mobile, and Lyons Share Gallery in Fairhope, Kimbrough has shown all over the country, and in Europe.


Her images have also been used in commercial illustrations, advertising campaigns, and licensed by manufacturers.


To see her work look at Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough Visual Artist on Facebook, Chatmek on Instagram, or at her website, Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough.

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Wood turned vessels by Tom Myers

April 6-May 26, 2018


Myers’ new works are released in an exhibit fit for the senses…


“My enjoyment of & passion for my work originate in that pre-intellectual realm where sight, touch, smell & sound guide the interaction of artist, tool & medium as a work emerges.”

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Ceramic works by Dawson Morgan

April 6-May 26, 2018


“This collection of ceramic work is simply inspired by life on the Gulf Coast. I grew up in Mobile, Dog River specifically, spending a lot of time on the water. Life, jobs, and family have moved me around a great deal. But, I am now settled back to my roots. I am happy to be back to where my heart has always been. I have a reverent love and respect for this water.”


Some of Morgan’s work will include stoneware, finished in a matte white glaze that she says “represents the splash and fluid aspects of gulf waters. Some of the works will flow like waves on a calm day, others are intended to portray a more violent yet beautiful conflict such as a crashing wave, or a bulkhead in a storm.”


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