“The Painterly Photo”

Photo-encaustic paintings and digital photographs by Thomas Dodd

Exhibit runs September 1-30



“I have always been fascinated with the inner being, the hidden forces that propel us through life and which have been codified and represented in countless cultures through myths and legends. My portraits seek to reveal these hidden forces using primarily the representation of the feminine form and also through referencing the look and feel of classic art from the Symbolist and PreRaphaelite eras.


The method I use in my work is something I call “Painterly Photo Montage” Through a technique called masking that I employ in photo-editing software, I stack, layer and blend different photos together to create a final image that looks much more like an oil painting than a photograph. When the image is printed, I often mount it on wood panels and then paint over the print with varnish, gel medium or beeswax – this is a method called photo encaustic painting and it gives a tangible real texture on top of the photographed ones.”


** Dodd will also be teaching a workshop here at ESAC September 30th: Fine Art Photography & Marketing for Artists **

Eastern Shore Camera Club

Annual Photography Exhibit

Exhibit runs September 1-30

Mixed Media by Sloane Bibb

Exhibit runs August 4-September 30



“Part painting, part assemblage, part cultural tableau, Sloane’s work is a pastiche of wood, metal, paper, canvas, even found objects, tar, and wax. Simple motifs, including nature and the female form, stand in measured contrast to the quirky compositions, pointed imagery and high-low mix of materials. The result is a wide-ranging and ambitious imagery that captures the rich, black wink of Sloane’s skewed world view.”


Earth Forms: A Geological Exploration

Paintings by Faye Earnest

Exhibit runs October 6-28



“The Earth is my subject matter: interior and exterior, views from inside the geological strata and views from above.”


Faye enjoys bold color with exotic textures. She has been painting for over 25 years, and our planet continues to be her theme. With three degrees in art, University of Alabama, University of South Alabama, and University of Southern Mississippi, her work has evolved from romantic landscape to abstraction of nature.

Paintings by Chris Knight

Exhibit runs October 6-28



“This Fairhope artist sees the beauty and texture of our natural world. Then he puts it down on canvas, capturing peaceful scenes from across Alabama and around the globe.” via Chelsea Adams, Mobile Bay Magazine


To read the entire article, visit

“All in the Family”

Mixed Media Exhibit

Exhibit runs October 6-28


Dr. John B. Howell II, his wife, Stacey Howell, and son Dr. John Howell III are going to be doing a group show of epic proportions–wood turning, painting and glass mediums! They are huge supporters of the Mobile and Baldwin County art scenes and major activists wtihin the community. Stacey Howell instructs at Ashland Gallery, was a past volunteer Director at Camp Rap-A-Hope and past president of the Medical Alliance.

Paintings by emerging artist Edlyn Burch

Exhibit runs October 6-28



Edlyn Burch joined us at the Art Center last year at just 13 years old! She has shown and sold her work in both our Members’ Sales Gallery and Members’ Juried Show. Edlyn has also assisted multiple instructors in our Summer ArtBash programming. We are extremely excited to showcase her work in our Bischoff Gallery!



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