Paintings by Pam Soileau

Exhibit runs November 3-December 16


“Once I begin a painting, I do not try too hard to immediately control the end result. Many layers of direct painting with acrylic and layer upon layer of glaze are applied. The non-objective playing with the paint begins to reveal the abstracted subject matter. Only then, do I manipulate the shapes and colors to find the end result. Pure color, texture found in objects, stamping, gold leaf, bamboo, wire, beads, drawing with pastel and graphite, all have managed to find their way onto my canvases.”

Annual Members’ Open Show

Exhibit runs November 3-December 22



This annual exhibit showcases various work from the members of the Eastern Shore Art Association. The Art Center encourages everyone to enter ONE original work done in any media.


The Members’ Open Show will take the place of the November/December Sales Gallery exhibit.

12 Days of Fairhope Christmas

Exhibit runs November 3-December 22


Info coming soon!

“Mini” artworks curated by Maria Papp and Cat Pope

Exhibit runs November 3-December 22


An exhibition curated by ESAC instructors, Cat Pope and Maria Papp.  Local and regional artists prove that the dialogue of shape, color, and form can be impactful even on the small-scale. All works included measure less than 6 x 6 inches and range in mediums from Sumi-e, watercolor, oil painting and mixed media assemblage.


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