This annual exhibit showcases various work from the members of the Eastern Shore Art Association. The Art Center would like to encourage everyone to enter their artwork. Exhibits runs: March 3-31, 2017.


Best of Show: Polo Express by Jason Braly
First Place: Onions on Burlap by Sue Breitfeller
Second Place: Into a Wormhole by Art Bayer
Merit #1: The Flock by Karen Roloson
Merit #2: Polka Dot Ladies by Letty Oratowski
Merit #3: Dancing Dogwoods by Mary Ann Schaff
ESAA Purchase Award Winner: Edlyn Burch

“One Hundred Stories”

Exhibit runs March 3-April 29


Paintings by Lucy Hunnicutt


“I paint stories, the small moments we might take for granted but that actually make up our life. I hardly sketch, but I do keep notebooks filled with these stories. If ever I grow weary or annoyed with humanity, I read these stories to love us again.”

Chagall: The Collection of Richard John deMaagd


One could correctly say that Richard deMaagd’s life was one full of hope. Richard’s mother’s middle name was “Hope”. Richard graduated, as his father did from Hope College, Holland, Michigan in 1954 and Richard retired to Fairhope, Alabama in 1993. Richard was born June 5, 1932 in Yokohoma, Japan to Midwest missionary-teacher parents, John Cornelius deMaagd and Marian Hope deMaagd.


Richard was raised in a stimulating and culturally diverse family where education was paramount. Richard became a man of adventure always searching for truth and meaning in life. At an early age he had crossed the Pacific Ocean numerous times with his parents. When he graduated from high school, his classmates voted him “most intellectual”.


Richard earned a bachelor’s degree in 1954 from Hope College, and a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1957. He served as a U.S Army Intelligence officer in Berlin, German until 1962. From 1963 to his retirement in 1993 he worked as an English teacher, English Department head and an English professor at Jackson Junior College, the University of Cincinnati and Wyoming High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.


On their first date in 1978, Richard took his girlfriend Emogene Greer, to the Cincinnati Art Museum. During this first date Richard repeatedly corrected the grammar of his future wife, who was born in Appalachia. Richard’s corrections of grammar continued at a “romantic dinner” at Mecklenburg Gardens. When Miss Greer became dismayed with his ridicule, she slapped the table saying “you’re cultured and I’m crude”. Mr. deMaagd collected himself and calmly said, “stick with me, baby, I’ll teach you to be cultured and you’ll teach me to be crude”.


Throughout their married life Richard was a connoisseur and collector of art, especially the lithographic works of Marc Chagall. Most of his collection was acquired in the 1960’s and 1970’s in Michigan and Ohio.


This exhibit displays 15 works which are being offered for sale. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Eastern Shore Art Center.

“Forever Spring”

Exhibit runs January 6-February 25


Watercolors by Gary Bukovnik


“Born and educated in Cleveland, Gary Bukovnik has lived in San Francisco for more than a third of a century. Primarily using the media of watercolor, monotype, and lithograph, Bukovnik fuses sensual vitality with fluid yet powerful colorations, creating floral and culinary images of great depth, intensity, and size.”

Gary Bukovnik Interview

“Faces, Places, Relics and Remembrances”

Exhibit runs January 6-February 25


Paintings by Art Bacon


“People have always been my subjects of choice; especially older and often neglected people whose struggles show in proud faces. I also often try to preserve doomed elements of our physical environment in my paintings. Of course, a few of my pieces are influenced by my experiences during the Civil Rights Movement.”


Congrats to Art Bacon on being one of Alabama Art Supply‘s February Artists of the Month!

Capturing Nature’s Beauty

Exhibit runs February 3- 25


Photography by Amy Schulz


Schulz is a nature photographer, capturing the beauty of nature through the lens of her camera. “I take pride in all of my photographs which are unedited, hand matted, and framed to compliment. All prints original and one-of-a-kind. I hope you capture nature’s beauty through my photography.”


“Pottery – Instructors of our Region”

Exhibit runs February 3- 25


Pottery curated by ESAC Instructor, Maria Spies. Artists include: Steve Dark; Brenda & Marty Stokes; Jason Stokes; Ben Twingley; Larry Manning; Zack Sierke; Bertice McPherson; Phillip Counselman; Susie Bowman; Tony & Rachel Wright; Christoher Greenman; Pieter Favier, and more!

January 2017: Wine Designs


Fused Glass artwork by Suzi Eveleth


“It’s all about creating something from nothing.”


Suzi’s artwork is made using recycled bottles (sometimes ones from our Art Walk nights!) and repurposed frames. “My bottles are sliced, chipped, crushed and ground into an endless array of shapes and sizes. Then they are fired in a kiln to create finished pieces. And of course it’s all recycled!”


November -December 2016


This annual exhibit showcases various work from the members of the Eastern Shore Art Association. The Art Center would like to encourage all Members to enter their artwork!

November -December 2016: “Different Views”


Photography by Art Bayer


“There are different views both metaphorically and actually that are apparent to me in many of the exhibited photographs. For me, there is a story or stories within the individual photographs and then an overall story from the combined photographs. Your stories or story might be much different. We should compare notes!”

November -December 2016: “Faces of Freedom”


This exhibit is to honor the service of Veterans, Active Duty, Reservist and National Guard. Veterans from WW II to the Active Duty are represented.

Portraits were made by members of the Photography Group at the Mobile Veteran’s Center, Mobile Alabama.

First Friday Art Walk

August – September, 2016: “Ephemeral Monuments”


New works by Michael Vaughn Sims

Ephemeral Monuments is an exhibit of paintings, drawings, and mixed media that considers the concepts of home, Alabama heritage, the natural world and the constant cycle of all things. Sims is an independent fine artist and theatre designer who is active in Lowndes County, Alabama. He received his MFA in design from Yale School of Drama and spent sixteen years in New York designing for theatre before returning to Alabama in 2008 to pursue fine art on a full-time basis.

Digital Photography

September 2016: “Best of the Eastern Shore Camera Club”


6th Annual Photography Exhibit

The Camera Club provides members, from beginners to professionals, with educational and skill building opportunities in the art of photography.




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