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Since our galleries are closed through April 13th, we are prolonging the following exhibits. We are happy to include a new online view of each exhibit! If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact Marketing Director, Adrienne Clow at We can hold it for you, deliver it or ship it to you!

Annual Members’ Juried Show

March 6 – April 24, 2020


The Members’ Juried Show showcases various work from the Artist Level members of the Eastern Shore Art Association. Artist Members were able to submit 3 original works done in any media, including painting, photography, pottery and more. This year’s judge was Carmen Lugo.


2020 Award Winners:


Best of Show- Karen Roloson, “I, Malocchio”

Judge’s Notes: “This piece leapt out at me the minute I walked into the room, then continually danced around in the periphery, demanding my attention while I was moving about the gallery. The red hat and scarves throw my eye into a triangle and keep me moving throughout the painting, yet the red doesn’t overwhelm the subjects- it draws interest to them. If my eye tries to wander, the strong verticals draw me back to the subjects, and diagonals create a sense of space. The woman in the hat is directly confronting me with her steady gaze- at one point I almost felt like I should look away, as if I were being rude by staring. Everything about this piece draws me in- the composition, use of color, value, the texture of the coats, the sense of place, the suggestion of a narrative. This is a painting that commands you to look, then tells you WHERE to look, makes you feel engaged, and gives you a story to consider.”


First Place- Julie Snidle, “Parade”

Judge’s Notes: “I chose this piece for many reasons- the artist strategically weaves color across (and sometimes beyond) the surface of the wax to flesh out the composition of the painting, and keep the eye moving throughout. This also gives the painting a “conversational” quality- it is somehow both spontaneous, and deliberate. Non-objective abstract work often requires a delicate balance of value, color, and texture- (it can feel a bit like artistic Jenga) and I think this is successfully executed, here. Combine that with the energetic line layered in the wax, and the luminous quality of the encaustic medium, and this piece is a winner.”


Second Place- Bruce Larsen, Mobile Bay

Judge’s Notes: “I found this piece to be evocative in both concept and medium- I love that material from an old ship was used to create this piece. Looking at this piece, I feel the “weight” of it- it feels heavy, a bit haunting, and I feel a narrative swirling around it. This is one of the pieces that created a visceral reaction, as well as a synesthetic reaction- looking at it, I could “smell” the wet wood, and the salt air. The variety in the placement and movement of the nails gives this piece a bit of extra energy, that brings it all together for me. Lovely piece of art.”


Awards of Merit:


Cat Pope, “Under Southern Skies”

Judge’s Notes: “This painting is delightfully atmospheric, and the texture calls to me. The directional strokes and change in value that lead you back to the air stream trailer, the warm light peeking through the grey clouds, and the touch of hot light bouncing off the surface air stream all give this painting a sense of energy.”


Durand Seay, “Modulas”

Judge’s Notes: “This piece feels alive. I’m called to the energetic, organic feel of the lines that weave, meander, and overlap to create shapes, and the value changes throughout the line. The layers in this painting give me the sense that the shapes are suspended, floating. The large shape at the bottom of the canvas feels like it is beginning to break the plane of surface, yet it’s nicely balanced by the bits of red floating behind and above. I almost feel like I could reach into this painting, and interact with it.”


Pat Abernathy, “Blue Door”

Judge’s Notes: “I’m especially attracted to the brushwork and repetition of shapes of the petals in this piece -it creates a lovely rhythm, and the flowers almost seem to be dancing. I am also drawn in by the composition of this piece. My eye first lands on the contrasting values of the smaller red and light pink flowers near the center of the arrangement, then travels in an arc along the flowers in the back, lands on the largest bloom in front, is guided from foliage to the lines in the fabric, through the glass vase, and back to the focal point.”


Breanna Earls

“Layers of Sentiment”

March 6 – April 24, 2020


“This body of work explores the relationship between people, plants, and structures and how we each adapt to our physical conditions. Like layers of skin, each environment you immerse yourself in layers to form your physiological DNA. The organic pattern found throughout some of these works derives from tissue found in the human heart. However, it looks very much like plant cells, or even stones. Like stones that show their geological history, people themselves are layered with different seasons and experiences to form the person they are presently, and we either conform to or rebel against the framework of our past. We adapt.”


Fred Marchman

“Mind of Marchman”

March 6 – May 30, 2020


Join ESAC as we celebrate the life and work of one Mobile Bay area’s most prolific artist, Fred Marchman. Visit our Courtyard Gallery and find yourself immersed in the “Mind of Marchman”. Vibrant abstracts and evocative thematical work coupled with his numerous handmade journals allow us a glimpse of the late painter, sculptor, and illustrator. From Southern Pop Culture to Spiritual Experience, see what you can “see” in the Art of Fred Marchman.



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