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APRIL 2017

“Light and Substance”

Exhibit runs April 7-29


Christina was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She now lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama. She has shown her work in several exhibitions throughout the country.


“I use fabric and decorative materials as compositional vehicles for my paintings.” The depictions of these materials turn into abstract landscapes.

“An American Journey”

Exhibit runs April 7-29

“Born on the Fourth of July, in my time I’ve traveled the glorious mountains, the rich broad plains, the sands of our shores, from north to south, sea to sea, and have never failed to be entranced by the beauty of our country.”

“One Hundred Stories”

Exhibit runs March 3-April 29


Paintings by Lucy Hunnicutt


“I paint stories, the small moments we might take for granted but that actually make up our life. I hardly sketch, but I do keep notebooks filled with these stories. If ever I grow weary or annoyed with humanity, I read these stories to love us again.”


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