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“Alabama Bicentennial”

Murals by Dean Mosher

January 4 – February 23, 2019


Mosher has created nine murals for the Bicentennial, two of which will be displayed for the very first time in this exhibit, depicting seminal moments in the colorful history of Alabama since it achieved statehood in 1819. The original works, “Battle of Fort Mims” and “Tribute to the Merchant Marine”. are being unveiled for public viewing at this exhibit. A number of other murals depicting events in the state’s history will also be on display. In addition, many other Mosher works dealing with Alabama history and culture will be displayed, along with art and historical artifacts from Mosher’s personal collection.

Murals are funded by the Alabama Tourism Department, the Alabama Community Service Grant Program sponsored by Representative Randy Davis, and the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation.

Pottery by John Rezner

January 4 – February 23, 2019


Rezner creates handmade stoneware pottery out of local clay dug just outside of Fairhope Alabama. His studio is located just east of Fairhope Ave. at 21270 State Highway 181 and is open to the public during normal business hours or by appointment.


“I returned home and began making pottery in Fairhope with local native clays after receiving a BFA from Auburn University in 1990. I have built numerous kilns on my property and around the Gulf Coast, and I use both wood and gas to fire my stoneware pottery. Each firing and every pot is unique, and I hope that my work can be enjoyed and used by everyone.”

“Magic City Shines”

Group Exhibition of Birmingham Artists

January 4 – February 23, 2019


Artists include: Eric Johnson, David Joseph Self, Chiharu Roach, and Dan Bynum


Eric Johnson: “I think of my work as playful despite the hard edges and sharp corners that define it. The finished idea is meant to be softer that the many harsh pieces that make it up. My work is based, primarily on what was on my mind that particular morning and rarely anything more than that. My studio is filled with random objects and collected metal that for the most part are the cast off bits of other artwork that create. I work alone (canines aside) surrounded by loud music and ideas. Some pieces come together quickly and some not. Some start out one thing and end up another. The fluidity of the process is appealing and rewarding. If the finished piece does not evoke an emotional response, it goes on the shelf and may possibly become something else entirely.”


David Joseph Self: “My inspiration comes through the vigorous exploration of my craft. I try to stretch the medium to the fullest expression of what is technically possible. My primary methodology is to hand-build pieces from hand-rolled slabs… All pieces are functional, yet as a function of the medium not an integral part of the design. The function follows the form.”


Chiharu Roach: Chi is known for her “Tangled Hair” portraits of females with animals and insects interwoven in the hair of the subject where each strand of hair is intricately painted with her custom tiny brushes. She was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan and came to Birmingham in 2000 getting her art degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She uses animals to express the spiritual connection between humans and their range of behaviors and emotions. Chi paints each hair line as a prayer for her clients, future owners, and a special friend who is not with her anymore.


Dan Bynum: “On many occasions, during my childhood, I would lay on a hardwood floor while flipping though the Sears catalog. The black and white illustrations were a catalyst that awakened my imagination. My current body of work is a distillery of idiosyncrasies and archetypes from my childhood neighborhood in Birmingham. In my recall mode, visual elements are morphed into a scene from a silent movie. In many of my works, vintage wallpaper is used to suggest the interior of a home and ourselves. Somewhere between the hardwood floor and today, my artwork can be found.”


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