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“Tarred and Feathered” Mixed Media by Sloane Bibb

Exhibit runs August 4-September 30



“Part painting, part assemblage, part cultural tableau, Sloane’s work is a pastiche of wood, metal, paper, canvas, even found objects, tar, and wax. Simple motifs, including nature and the female form, stand in measured contrast to the quirky compositions, pointed imagery and high-low mix of materials. The result is a wide-ranging and ambitious imagery that captures the rich, black wink of Sloane’s skewed world view.”

“Bold & Beautiful”

Paintings by Kathleen Broaderick

Exhibit runs August 4-26



“I began as a watercolor painter. I loved the transparency and luminosity of watercolor and strive for that quality in my oil paintings. I am inspired by the initial transparent washes of oil and medium. Then I incorporate more opaque paint in the initial wash. The blending of these two layers produces a beautiful energy. I try to stay loose with bold brushstrokes and fresh with clean color. I’m not so concerned with delineating the details or exact colors of the subject as I am in creating a beautiful impression of it.


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“The Figure in Black and White”

Figure Drawing Exhibition curated by Sarah Rutledge Fischer

Exhibit runs August 4-26


Exhibiting Artists:


Weezie Bancroft Brabner

Tra Bui

William Caswell

Robin Fabel

Sarah Rutledge Fischer

Julia Greer Fobes

Frances Fuller

Jenni Krchak

Libby McCawley

Paul Moreno

Joe Rodgers

Weslyn Towle


Figure drawing, often called by the more expansive term life drawing, has long been a staple of the western arts education. Indeed, there are many who would claim that the entirety of observational drawing can be learned at the figure drawing easel. More than any other discipline, drawing the human figure forces the artist to discard what she thinks she knows about the shape of a nose or foot or elbow, and instead follow only what she can see with her eye. For those who have caught the bug, there is nothing more challenging than reducing the miraculous curve of an ear or beguiling twist of a knee to mere line and shadow, and nothing more triumphant than the fleeting feeling that the marks on the page somehow captured a bit of life.


For this show, artists were invited to submit black and white drawings they had created during the ESAC’s Tuesday night Figure Drawing sessions. Thought most of our artists are quite accomplished, they were encouraged to choose works not for their “finished” quality, but for the extent that they capture the ever-challenging discipline of capturing the figure.


In this age of digital access, it is becoming more and more rare to find the opportunity to work side by side with fellow artists, drawing a live model. We are fortunate at the Eastern Shore Art Center (ESAC) to have a supportive organization and a group of talented and professional models. If you find the practice engaging, I hope you will join us. Information about future classes can be found here:


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