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“A Joyful Brush”

Paintings by Jean-Marie McDonnell

August 3-September 29, 2018


Jean-Marie is known for her bold brushwork and interesting color combinations using lots of paint on large canvases. She works with interior designers from concept to finish to produce work for homes and commercial venues. She paints at The Garage Studio, a mile south of The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama.




  • Best of Show, Art in the Park, Foley, 2012, 2016; Second 2017
  • Poster and T-Shirt Artist Daphne Jubilee Festival, 2017 and Fairhope Arts and Craft’s Festival, 2016
  • Reciprocal Award Eastern Shore Art Center, 2016
  • Solo Show, “Brush Strokes,” Mobile Art Council, 2013
  • Several pieces featured on the reality show “Sweet Home Alabama,” 2010
  • Author, Mobile, A Gulf Coast Treasure

“Fins & Fables”

Paintings by Ben Kaiser

August 3-31, 2018


What makes a fairytale timeless? Stories have been told before the invention of writing, painting beautiful imagery for the listeners to hang onto. They leave an impression that spreads like a drop of dye rippling through water. Thinking back to my time as a child, listening to my mother’s tales made me want to look further into the classic fairytales and folklore that we know and love.



In my search for origins, I was able to study the world through stories. I tracked down countries’ more popular tales and saw how their stories were passed around. I learned that for the most part, stories were passed through sea trade; with each long voyage travelers would share tales and fables. Like wildfire, the stories spread, enlightening the world with magic and mirth.



Those tales have faced the passage of time and still hang with us today. Now as an artist I want to do my part in this long living tradition. Through art I want to help share and preserve my favorite classics and obscurities. Using narrative painting styles, I can tell countless stories without text, keeping the vast sea of fables alive.



– Benjamin Kaiser

“Metal Resurrected”

Mixed media by Jason Braly

August 3-31, 2018


Born and raised in the South, Jason Braly uses a variety of culturally familiar elements and materials in both his two and three-dimensional works: acrylic and collage on canvas, and metal with wood sculpture.  His use of aged and weather-worn, reclaimed, materials create timeless works that are, “… moving, nostalgic, haunting, and unpredictable”.  Since childhood, Jason has been a scavenger of the world’s “junk”; seeing it as artistic material waiting to be transformed into something new and beautiful.


Jason earned his B.S. in Theater and Art from the University of North Alabama and his Masters in Education from Tennessee State University.  He taught Elementary Art for fifteen years, College Art for seven and received Limestone County’s, “Teacher of The Year” award.  


Jason Braly’s work has been shown in several galleries in Alabama and Tennessee and has also been seen on the television show, “Nashville”.  Now living in Fairhope, Alabama, Jason  received the, “Best of Show” award for his sculpture, “Polo Express” in the most recent member’s juried exhibit at ESAC.  You can see more of Jason’s work on Facebook.  


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