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“Members’ Open Show”

Eastern Shore Art Association Members

November 2 – December 21, 2018


This annual exhibit showcases various work from the members of the Eastern Shore Art Association. The Art Center encourages everyone to enter ONE original work done in any media. The Members’ Open Show will take the place of the November/December Sales Gallery exhibit.

“Created by Earth, Crafted by Hand”

Gourd Sculptures & Masks by Howard W. Smith

November 2 – December 21, 2018


Howard employs elements of the natural world to enhance and sustain the beauty of the gourds. Replacing the bristle brushes and light fast pigments found in the studio of an artist, are leather dyes, bones, and wood. Howard’s work is a celebration of earth’s beauty and his commitment to preserve it.


Howard W. Smith’s artwork has been displayed in numerous arts and crafts shows throughout the Southeast.  He has been the recipient of many distinguishing awards including “Artist of Distinction” in the 2018 Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival.

“God’s World… As I See It”

Photography by Paul Gray

November 2 – December 21, 2018


“I have enjoyed photography since receiving my first 35mm camera at age 16. That was quite a few years ago and it is still a passion in my life. During the past year, I have started to promote my photography again and I have been gratified with the acceptance I have received.


Over my early adult years, I was content to be the family photo-archivist. After my children left home, I began to promote and incorporate other areas into my photography. I was, by my standards, fairly successful. I then took another sabbatical to again be the family photo-archivist with the next generation – grandchildren. Now that everyone has a camera/phone and the grandchildren are, for the most part, semi-grown the archiving has become distributed.


When asked what kind of photography I do, I am never sure exactly how to answer. I enjoy a variety of subjects: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Seascapes, Architecture, Children, Still life, Nature, Flora, Birds, and Wildlife. It’s really, never been as important what I photograph, but how I approach the subject. Each one entails different technical, artistic, and emotional considerations. But, I always try leave room for serendipity.


Through the use of light patterns, form and personal perception my goal is to capture the beauty and magic I see around me.”


– Paul Gray


Group Exhibit Curated by Cat Pope

November 2 – December 21, 2018


“A small works show featuring art works by 20 artists in our region. Each piece in this collection explores the physical and emotional realms of reflection as a human experience, all on a visual scale of 8×10 inches and smaller.”


Exhibiting Artists include:

Sahar Alford
Adrienne Clow
Kristin Dunreath Harris (pictured)
Madison DuRant
Page Ellis
Vikki Turner Finch
Sarah Rutledge Fischer
Lucy Gafford
Alisa Koch
Haley Hall (pictured)
Lisa Hancock
Carrie Jackson
Kristy Johnson-Snell
Ben Kaiser
Melissa Munger
Cat Pope (pictured)
Robin Popp
Emily Richards
Kaleena Stasiak
Kat Stoves
Lisa Warren
Amanda Youngblood


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