August  2019

Steven Lester

“Spirit of a Champion”

August 2 – 31, 2019


Growing up in Atlanta, Steven always had an enthusiasm for sports and while taking art in school, he was commissioned to illustrate a series of GameDay program covers for Georgia Tech football. After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Visual Arts, he began his career as a commercial illustrator and soon became the Creative Director of Turner Broadcasting System.  Because this was during the years Ted Turner owned the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks, Steven was able to meet a number of the players and became a fascinated fan.


By this time, he had already cultivated a love for action-oriented sports art. But his fast-track creative design and advertising career allowed little time for painting. He soon became a highly successful Vice President, Creative Director for two international advertising agencies, winning more than 100 national and international awards.


When Steven and his wife adopted 2 children, he found himself traveling and becoming a conflicted, absentee father. After considerable deliberation, he made a conscious career change, resigning from the advertising agency to attend seminary. For the next 20 years, he pastored churches and pioneered numerous, creative ministry and missions initiatives. He also began focusing his creative skills advancing causes and issues that are of value to him. He had the privilege of traveling the world and making life-long friends from Russia to India to Africa. But again, he had very little time for cultivating a passion for drawing and painting.


After 4 decades of focusing on other priorities and beginning to lean toward retirement, Steven purposed to spend the next 3 years honing his fine art craft. Five years later, he has now joyfully shifted his focus and fully embraced his love of painting.


Steven has won more than 100 awards for advertising and design and illustration, including numerous Local and National Addies, One Show awards, New York Art Directors Club ‘Best of Show’, Broadcast Promotions and Marketing Executives Gold Medallion, and the International Radio and Television Society’s highest award.


Today Steven is focused on meeting demand for his paintings and still has won international juried competitions and been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. He has produced more than 200 paintings in 2 years and was tapped as featured ‘artist of the month’ by The National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS), a fine art museum based in Indianapolis. He was invited to present three major solo shows for in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, and held a ‘live’ painting event at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Steven is a member of the American Impressionist Society and the National Oil & Acrylic Painter’s Society.

Artist Statement

I am blessed to be a full-time, professional artist. After a long and successful career as an art director and illustrator, I shifted my boundless energies to focus on creating art that excites the heart. My personal style been intentionally developed over several decades to be a loose, expressive method that allows me to interpret the emotion and movement of the moment. What’s my objective? To create art that engages the human heart and challenges the spirit… to hone my craft in such a way as to resonate on an emotional, visceral level.


I have an insatiable curiosity and embrace life with a passion. I love what I do and have fun doing it. My playful process allows me to convey the inspiration that a moment invoked in me.


My tools of trade are the aggregate of my varied life experiences. I am a deeply grateful and blessed man, and I approach each new day with awe and expectation. It has become a good staging ground to paint colorful narratives through a compelling point of view.


My paintings and collages are marked by bold colors, expressive brushwork and a fresh, expressive style. I see with my heart and I paint with my hands, but I always desire to provoke fascination, imagination and wonder.


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