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Work by Ben Kaiser & Vanessa Quintana

Exhibit: September 3 – October 30, 2021


In this world beauty can be found almost anywhere. From traveling, to strolling in the park, or even just stepping out in the garden, beauty is everywhere; but we would like to turn your gaze to some of the lesser known, or overlooked beauties. The ones that you may find just by walking through your yard, or turning over a leaf. For most people, when they think of insects, they don’t tend to think nice thoughts, but we would like to challenge your perspective. “Entomology” is here to open your eyes to the fascinating world of insects, their close cousins, and their environment. We created this show acknowledging the classic scientific drawing, and added our own artistic flare. We hope that after viewing this show you will have a new appreciation of the beauty of the insect world.


“Entomology”, is a bug filled show, showing the many wonders of the insect world. We also branch off to different botanicals, plants that effect the insects life, and even explore related arthropods and some arachnids that are studied in comparison to our insects. Without insects are world as we know it would not exist and as artist we chose to express our appreciate through the best way we know how. We hope you enjoy our take on, “Entomology”.

11th Annual Photography Exhibit
Eastern Shore Camera Club
Exhibit: September 3 – October 30, 2021


The Camera Club provides members, from beginners to professionals, with educational and skill building opportunities in the art of photography. Membership in the Eastern Shore Camera Club is open to anyone with an interest in photography and all skill levels are welcome. The club meets once per month. Find more information via their website at


This year’s Judge: Chad Kirtland


Kirtland is currently Chief Content Creator for HARMONIC Media + Marketing. It is the culmination of a career focused on multi-channel content creation. From his start as a print journalist 25 years ago, Chad has since embraced video production, project management, custom publishing, marketing, corporate operations, client relations, team leadership and more. Before launching HARMONIC, Chad led various teams of content creators, produced a nationally syndicated TV show, sold birdseed, and held VP and C-level positions at several media organizations. In his spare time, Chad makes indie films. And, damn fine gumbo.



Congrats to this year’s winners!


Best of Show:    Rodney Kilgore “Wetlands”



  1. Cleveland Brown “Leaf”
  2. Susan Allison “Flower and Butterfly”
  3. Georgia Sims “Tulip in the Potting Shed”
  4. Karen Chiasson “Pond Lily”



  1. Susan Allison “Bald Eagle”
  2. Georgia Sims “Dancing at Dawn”
  3. Kim Matthews “Grateful”
  4. Laurie Schaerer “Bear Cub 1” aka “What a Face!”



  1. Cleveland Brown “Book”
  2. Stephen Savage “Six House”
  3. Jack Daily “A Veteran’s Tears”



  1. Jack Daily “Trees of Fairhope Beach”
  2. Craig Macdonald “Quilted American Flag”
  3. Paul Gray “Grotto of Lourdes at Springhill”



  1. Elmo Priest “Mill Shoals Falls”
  2. Rodney Kilgore “Pier Sunset”
  3. Jeff Johnson “Memories of the Beach”

Members’ Sales Gallery

September 3 – October 29, 2021


This exhibit offers ESAC members at artist level or above the opportunity to display and sell their work at the Eastern Shore Art Center. Each member may submit one piece and if sold can bring in a replacement. This gallery changes out every other month.

Selections from the Nall Collection

October 20 – December 30, 2021


Fairhope artist Nall was not only a prolific artist, he also was a collector of art. He brought many artists to his studio in France for residencies and apprenticeships, often working collaboratively with them and trading works of art. This exhibit reflects a small example of some of Nall’s earlier works plus artworks from Nall’s personal collection. This selection includes multiple European artists that were friends of the artist in the 1980s, as well as works by artist Steve Skidmore from his home state of Alabama.


This display is made possible by a generous gift artist Nall made to the Eastern Shore Art Center in 2020 and all exhibiting work is for sale to benefit ESAC and Alabama Artists.


What will be here next month!



What just left:(


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