Donated $ 254,919.
Matched by Grant $ 200,000.
Donated & Matched $ 454,919.
Goal $ 500,000.



Capital Campaign Angels

Progress Update:

A knee wall has been added above the Courtyard Gallery’s exhibit space. This will aid in soundproofing and increasing storage space. 

The ceilings have come down and the new ones are in place for our next exhibit!


Join us for Art Walk next week to see the final product! New insulation, ceiling tiles, track lighting, and event lighting!!

Insulation and ceiling tiles have been replaced in our Woolley and Wilson galleries. Event lighting has been added and track lighting for the artwork is currently going up as we speak!


Aaaaaaand a new ventilation system has been added in the clay studio! 

Woolley Gallery Construction

The Woolley Gallery is the first of three galleries to get renovated! The Woolley, Wilson and Whiting Galleries are all getting new ceiling tiles, insulation and lighting. We can’t wait to see the final product!

We have a special announcement!

Our Art Center has served us so well over the past 50 years, but now it is time for us to face some serious and long overdue facility issues. We’re embarking on a $500,000 capital campaign to address the necessary improvements to our facility!

What we want to do

  • Bring mechanical, electrical and other systems up to peak efficiency
  • Create a stunning entrance and facade befitting the Art Center
  • Provide greater access for handicapped members of the community
  • Improve the Art Center’s layout for better flow through the galleries
  • Address health, safety, and comfort issues in the galleries and classrooms

ESAC yesterday...

The ESAC original building, built 1965.

The Eastern Shore Art Association was founded in 1954 by a group of local artists and art patrons who recognized the importance of art to a meaningful and full community life. Construction began that same year on a one room gallery on the site of the former Pinewood Pottery Studio that had operated in Fairhope for over twenty years making functional ceramics from local clay.

ESAC today...

The ESAC's current colorful facade, which has suffered from termite damage.

The Art Center has continued to grow in the same location over the past 60 years to a facility that houses five exhibit galleries and four teaching studios. ESAC now includes among its activities monthly exhibits; quarterly classes for adults and children; an annual outdoor show; monthly Art Walks; outreach programs for assisted living residents and children and adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses; and extensive programs for both public art and arts education in local schools.

ESAC tomorrow!

Capital Campaign
Art Center Future Model
The new entrance plaza will be perfect for outdoor activities!

Among other improvements, we will use the funds from this campaign to:


  • Replace our inadequate heating and cooling systems with an energy efficient HVAC system that will insure the necessary humidity level required for an art gallery
  • Contruct an exciting new entrance that will include a beautifully landscaped plaza, creating an area for public events and off-street handicap parking
  • Update the lighting and acoustics in the galleries to display our exhibits in the best way possible
  • Upgrade our security system to include surveillance and smoke detection, which is necessary to bring the facility up to code

How you can help

Donate, donate, donate! The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation has pledged their support in the form of a $200,000 matching grant. Plus, the ESAC board and other benefactors have already generously donated over $60,000 towards this project! Click the button below, select one of the donations in the Donation Shop, or call 928-2228 ext. 100 to give to the campaign!

Donation Shop

Some people assume that the Art Center is owned and maintained by the City, but is is not. For more than 50 years ESAC has been the epicenter for the arts on the Eastern Shore through grant funding, contributions, memberships, and fundraising activities. The facility is owned by the Association and governed by its volunteer board of directors.


You can show your support for the Art Center and all of its programs; first through membership, and then by making a contribution to the Capital Campaign – a contribution will be matched by the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation dollar for dollar.

Naming opportunities

ESAC has established the following naming opportunities for major contributors. This is a chance to receive ongoing recognition for your financial support of the Art Center, or to publicly honor a family member. Options include:

  • Courtyard Gallery (lower level exhibit space) $250,000     Claimed!
  • Front plaza $100,000
  • Front entrance pavilion $50,000
  • Studio $25,000                                                                          1 Claimed, 2 Remaining!
  • Pottery studio ventilation system $5,000
  • Handicap parking area $5,000                                                Claimed!
  • Outdoor benches $5,000/bench                                            1 Claimed!
  • Gallery benches $3,000/bench                                              1 Claimed!

Thank you for your faith in and support of the Eastern Shore Art Center, and thank you for any contributions you may make. We’re so excited about this project and hope you are too!

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