Spring 2020 unified not just the nation, but the WORLD in an effort of protection and prevention.


During the COVID 19 pandemic, individuals have maintained social distancing while celebrating life through visual mediums. As a people, we have created public art monuments and tokens of gratitude, produced photo and video montages to share with the world via social media, used time and resources to hand sew masks, and given our time and money to support local food banks. Our Friday nights have been spent indoors, meals have been delivered, and Amazon Prime is flourishing. Solidarity through social distancing has restructured many of our lives, therefore, preserving precious life.


We encouraged our community to “come together” through art by producing squares for the “Quarantine Quilt”. Without running to the craft store, over 37 artists produced beautiful quilt squares that give voice to a community in quarantine. From ages 5 to 83, these artists have been united to create a beautiful commentary. Some chose mediums that glorify the hobbies that have kept us busy, like crochet and embroidery, while others used their gifts to produce beautiful eco prints, paintings, and collages that depict a moment in time. And Vivian Marlow just came right out and said it “Life in Quarantine Sucks.”


The squares have been united to form an inviting piece of art that makes us laugh, take pause, and reflect. Far too often are communities united in the “aftermath”, but during the Spring of 2020, we decided to use empathy, love, and support to prevent and prevail.



THANK YOU to the artists that participated!


From top left to right:


Row A –
Diane Lyon, Vivian Marlow, Barbara Hunt, Bryant Whelan, Tucker Marlow, Joyce Shields, Marjorie Sellers, Betsy Grosso

Row B –
Adrienne Clow, Emily Tharpe, Sabe Fink, Robin Fitzhugh, Gaye Lindsey, Melinda Hicks, Alexi Eileen Felty and Sarah Watson, Allyson Russell


Row C –
Megrez Rudolf, Barbara Hunt, Ella, Jala, Kathy Fernandez, Poppy Watson, Sarah Rutledge-Fischer


Row D –
Allyson Russell, Suzy Fox, Kathleen, Nancy Raia, Diane Lestage-Davis, Julian and Cora, Sage and Rowan Felty, Adrienne Clow/ Reanna Watson


Row E –
Dawn Charettes, Dawn Gorsuch, Lauree Riggins, Anita Rosenbaum, Leslie Dunlap, Pinky Bass, Poppy, Clementine, and Oliver Watson, BJ Cooper


Row F –
Sandy Helmstatder, Martha Hopkins, Reanna Watson, Judy Oxford, Barbara Hunt, Jo Owens, Gaye Lindsey, Jo Ann Wettlaufer


This last submitted square is by Alexi Eileen Felty and Sarah Watson. “It’s meant to represent reconnecting with nature and reconnecting with the human nature of protecting each other.” Thank you both.