Introduction to Painting Loose


Introduction to Painting Loose

with Mitzie Massey

Dates: Aug 23, 24, and 25, 2024

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Price: $375/350 MEMBER




Let go and let LOOSE! Join Mitzie in the ESAC studios and discover the joy of painting loose! This three day workshop will consist of the following:
Introduction to Painting Loose with Mitzi Massey
A. Morning
   1. The art of under painting
   2. Beyond brushes: a myriad of tools to use in loose painting
   3. A fast and loose bouquet with daisies and roses
B. Afternoon
   1. A loose meadow 2 ways
   2. Loose teapot bouquet
   3. Surface prep for day 2 and 3
Day 2
A. Morning
   1. Drawing abstract faces
      a. Blind contour
      b. Stylized faces
      c. Paper doll faces
   2. Adding paint and/or collage to faces
B. Afternoon
   1. Continue to work toward completed abstract portraits
   2. Prep surfaces for day 3
Day 3
A. Morning
   1. Loose, abstract angels
   2. Loose cityscapes exploration
B. Afternoon
   1. Complete projects

   2. Q&A 

Painting Loose