Inside Out Painting with Billie Bourgeois


Title: Inside Out Painting: Mark Making

Type of Class: Mixed Media, Painting

Instructor: Billie Bourgeois

Dates: April 1 and 2, 2022* – 9 am to 4pm

*Please note that these are the correct dates. The dates listed on the Winter Brochure are incorrect

Price: $550/500 Workshop Fee

Artwork Credit: Billie Bourgeois, “Promise of Change”

This is a very fun class whether you are a realistic or abstract painter The exercises and tools you’ll learn will expand your creative thinking and mark making.

 Artistic self discovery will happen before you know it!

A good way for beginning painters to lose the fear of making art, and great for long time painters to get out of a painting rut!

Bourgeois was born in New Orleans, Louisiana during WWII., the oldest of six children, each of whom are musicians or artists. Growing up with stifling humidity, rich cuisine, and a strong experience of family created the unique environment for nurturing creative fluency. Her spiritual upbringing planted within her a sense of the sacred and mystical and provided fertile ground for an already natural instinct for art.


For Bourgeois there must be a relationship between form and content. Relying heavily on the intuitive process, spontaneous mark making is her primary impulse to initiating imagery and composition. She is always concerned with the formal aspects of art, however her goal is response to the subject instead of pure representation. She begins her painting with gestural marks and a limited palette. Bourgeois is at ease with a variety of mediums, but drawing ‘with paint’ is her natural language from which her painting ideas spring. “I had to trick myself into painting by telling myself that I was just drawing with a paintbrush.

A $25 fee will be charged for all class refunds due to a withdrawal. Refunds will be given up to seven (7) days prior to class start date. Thereafter, no refunds will be given, unless the ESAC cancels the class.


A $75 fee will be charged for all workshop refunds due to a withdrawal. Refunds will be given up to one (1) month prior to the workshop start date. Thereafter, norefunds will be given, unless the ESAC cancels the workshop.


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