Freestyle Weaving on a Saori Loom


Title: Freestyle Weaving on a Saori Loom

Type of Workshop: Weaving

Instructor: Liza Q. Wirtz

Date: Saturday,  Feb 16

Time: 10 am to 1 pm

Price: $85

No Supplies Needed

SPACES LIMITED!!! Only 6 looms available!

Learn to weave freestyle on a SAORI loom. Honor your own inner sense of beauty and truth as you play with color, texture, and technique, and come away with a unique piece of woven art that reflects your heart.

Free weaving is about expressing yourself. There are no rules about what you must do or how you have to do it, or what materials you can or can’t use, or what size your work has to be.

“Cloth” can include yarn, fabric, paper, plastic, metal, beads, found objects…if you can touch it, you can weave with it.

Finished cloth can be made into wall hangings, clothing, useful items, decorations…it’s up to you.

What is freeweaving? Basically, it’s weaving what you feel. There are no rules, no “must-dos”.

No experience necessary; all materials and tools provided. Just bring your willingness to experiment and explore!

Liza Q. Wirtz, better known as Q, teaches freestyle weaving at her fiber-arts studio, the Foldout Cat, in Huntsville, Alabama’s well-known arts facility and creative community, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, and studies SAORI weaving and sewing as part of working towards certification as an official SAORI studio. Q’s other creative hats include those of spinner and sewist, crocheter, baker, and singer; she also practices estate-planning law from time to time. Q can be found online at, on Facebook as The Foldout Cat, and on Instagram and Twitter as @foldoutcat.


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