with artist Amos Kennedy


Courtyard Gallery on Lower Level
Use Side Entrance

FEBRUARY 17, 2018



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Limited Edition ESAC posters for sale at the event!

Amos Kennedy


You may have seen Amos’ work most recently at the Fairhope Film Festival, but now you can witness a live demo of how his infamous posters are made—and purchase one of your own!!


Live Letterpress! Printmaking with Amos Kennedy


Amos Kennedy is a letterpress printer who creates passionate and controversial posters, artists’ books, and publications. His works often increase the conversations of issues of race, freedom, and equality thorough colorful and provocative narratives designed with letterpress type. Kennedy quit his corporate job at the age of 40 to become, as he calls himself, “a humble negro printer.” He received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, has taught workshops all over the world, and is currently spearheading the Detroit Printing Plant. He will be offering live demonstrations and “Cash and Carry” sales of his popular and affordable original letterpress prints.



Saturday, February 17

10am – 4pm

Hands-on demonstrations and “Cash & Carry” print sales throughout the day

Courtyard Gallery on lower level of ESAC


2:30pm – 4pm 

Film Screening of “Proceed and Be Bold”

A Documentary of Kennedy’s Life and Work

Whiting Gallery on upper level of ESAC

Limited Edition ESAC Poster!

Amos Kennedy ESAC Poster


A limited edition Eastern Shore Art Center letterpress poster with the message ART CHANGES LIVES will be available for purchase at the event for $20 per poster!

Live Letterpress Recap!

Amos Kennedy

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