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Trey Peaden


With over three decades of dedication as a professional to the commercial art and screen-printing industry, Trey has firmly established himself as a versatile illustrator for advertising and graphic design, alongside being a certified art educator. Throughout his illustrious career, Trey has forged collaborative partnerships with an eclectic array of clients, ranging from Minor League Baseball and Collegiate teams to esteemed corporations and governmental entities. Beyond his prowess in commercial art, Trey's creative prowess transcends into the realm of fine art. His masterpieces have graced the walls of homes across the United States. Notably, some of his commissioned works adorn the collections of discerning connoisseurs, including a former executive at Intel. Trey's artistic repertoire spans a multitude of mediums, encompassing airbrush, pen & ink, acrylic and oil painting, digital sculpture, traditional sculpture (inclusive of molding and casting), digital illustration, and photography. Recognized for his exceptional achievements, Trey holds esteemed memberships in prominent artistic societies such as the American Impressionist Society, Portrait Society of America, Pensacola Museum of Art, and Oil Painters of America.

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