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What will you learn?

This class will focus on painting in a loose and relaxed fashion with watercolors. The process of creating a painting you are proud of is to be enjoyed. We will practice skills to help you gain confidence as an artist and as a watercolor painter. Topics to include light, shadow, color, value, mixing color, thumbnail sketching, and value studies. Various watercolor techniques will be explored with the goal being that we grow closer to developing our own unique style of painting in watercolor..

John Halliday


John began watercolor painting while traveling through Asia during graduate school. Transitioning from the forgiving chalk pastels as a primary medium took time and patience. This process resulted in John developing a loose and distinct style that he continues to refine. John has worn many hats in his work career, including being a nurse, designer, teacher, and ultimately a full time artist. He loves partnering with students of all ages as they explore and discover within the creative process. The greatest thing in the world is the freedom I feel as I paint. Free to explore, free to create, free to express