The Art Center galleries have begun to hum with visitors again, and our Spring classes in the teaching Academy are almost full!


As everyone associated with ESAC knows, we have been diligent in our efforts to provide a safe environment at the Art Center throughout the pandemic. We will continue to make safety our top priority.


On April 9, 2021, Governor Ivey is expected to release the Alabama mask mandate. Based on new statewide safety guidelines, the Art Center will begin to relax our masking protocols. During the pandemic, we were able to continue arts instruction classes by reducing attendance capacity and maintaining social distancing and safety measures. Increased vaccination rates, reductions in the numbers of area COVID-19 cases, and proven success with our safety measures give us confidence to ease our masking mandates. However, we will continue to practice our safety protocols and be ready to return to stronger measures should the situation change in the future.


Beginning April 10, 2021:


  • Masking will be voluntary for staff, students, volunteers and visitors. All ESAC staff have been fully vaccinated.
  • Social distancing measures will remain in place to the stated levels required by Governor Ivey.
  • All people entering the facility will be expected to be symptom-free. Any visitors who exhibit symptoms will be asked to provide evidence of a negative COVID test before returning to ESAC.
  • These new criteria are dependent on the continuing reduction in COVID-19 instances in our area, and are subject to be altered in the event of an outbreak.


Your continued practice of ESAC safety protocols has helped us ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you and welcome back.