A Letter From the Director

The Art Center is quiet.

One definition of quiet is the “absence of noise or bustle; silence, calm.” This week was supposed to be anything but quiet as we would be host to130 artists from around the country for our 48th Annual Outdoor Art Show. The staff and dozens of dedicated volunteers would normally be humming around getting prepared–marking streets, creating booth packs, setting up breakfast preparations for artists, staging an awards reception. Then, over 250,000 people would descend on our City to experience the joy of art. Talk about noise and hustle and bustle!


But instead, it’s quiet.


The doors are locked and I am working in “self-isolation” in my office. The staff is working remotely, still planning hopefully to host in any capacity some of our future classes, workshops, and exhibits. But this information changes minute by minute.


We are staying positive and are unwavering in our mission to support artists. We will be refunding the Outdoor Art Show booth fees to artists. Please know that the Art Center counts on this very successful fundraiser for operating income each year, so this loss of revenue is devastating for us. But we will be back next year better and stronger!


Additional lost revenues from class tuition, field trips, and art sales will also adversely affect the financial stability of the Art Center. And then there’s the uncertainty of our White Linen Night fundraiser in May.


But we will recover. The Eastern Shore Art Association was formed in 1959 and has weathered many storms and economic downturns.


We ask that you stand with us as a beacon of creative hope for our artists.

What can YOU do to help?

  • Renew your membership. Find a couple of friends and encourage them to become new members!
  • If you are able, donate, or sponsor our events.
  • Be our friend as we navigate through this time, as we process cancellations, rearrange schedules and change plans.
  • Buy art! We are creating a virtual gallery where you can not only view our exhibits, but you can purchase art as well. We will hold it for you, deliver it or ship it to you!

Our mission in promoting the arts relies on all of us to collectively create a sense of community through the power of art. We appreciate your support during this challenging time.


Please follow us on social media for updates. You can count on us to share art to inspire and uplift our friends, students, artists, supporters and volunteers. Let’s all be kind, patient, and considerate of our neighbors. Indulge in the quiet and try to let your creative souls be unaffected by the noise of uncertainty. In this unprecedented time of crisis, let art give you hope.


Stay inspired!

Bryant Whelan
Executive Director
Eastern Shore Art Center

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