Eastern Shore Art Center

Challenge Donor Match Contributions Exceed $25,000 Goal!

You did it! Your donations to ESAC totaled $28,689! What’s also exciting is that our anonymous “Challenge Match” donor is thrilled with the results and has agreed to match the entire amount given by you, our generous friends of the Art Center.

This brings the total raised for the campaign to an astounding $57,378!

We are bursting at the seams with love and gratitude for our supporters and members. With these additional funds, we assure our galleries will continue to offer FREE ADMISSION to the public. We can continue to annually host FREE family art events like Art of the Butterfly and Art of the Sea Turtle, and FREE musical concerts. We can continue to bring prestigious national exhibits to ESAC, like the American Watercolor Society. First Friday Artwalk will continue to be FREE to the public.


Your support helps us keep art instruction fees reasonable, and ensures our Outreach Program continues to reach underserved populations, veterans, senior citizens and the physically and mentally disabled with the healing power of art.

A note from our anonymous Challenge Donor:

“Your generosity has given me such pleasure, and reminded me that ESAC is a vibrant community of people who value art and its impact on all of us. Thank you so very much!


As long as I have lived on the Eastern Shore, I have found the ESAC family to be caring, thoughtful, and so much fun to know. I have volunteered, taken multiple classes, and attended so many events that make ESAC special, all made possible by this community’s spirit and generosity. As you know, ESAC is a private 501c3 organization that is funded almost exclusively by individual donors. Without you, we would lose a wonderful part of the Eastern Shore.


Together we can make art accessible to anyone who is open to the many ways it can change lives!”

The staff, Board of Directors and volunteers all offer a huge thank you for your support.

We look forward to many new and exciting events in 2020!

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