Big Weekend at ESAC!

ESAC traded in paint brushes for coin cell batteries and copper tape during our celebration of technology and the arts.  Visiting artist, Elijah Phillips, illuminated students as he guided them in the construction of LED lighted paintings.

On Friday, Fairhope Youth Rotary and First Friday Kid’s Lab electrified ESAC with their robotic artwork.

On Saturday, ESAC artists and Baldwin County teachers explored more in depth projects and alternate materials in the workshop “Technology in the Arts”.

More About Eli...

Eli is an independent educator specializing in art and technology for kids, as well as curriculum development and training for educators. The first classes he ever taught were summer camps at the Eastern Shore Art Center ten years ago.


Since 2012 he’s worked in Austin, Texas, teaching S.T.E.A.M. programs in schools, libraries, and maker spaces with organizations like Thinkery (The Austin Children’s Museum), Techshop, and the Austin Tinkering School. When he isn’t teaching he likes to build puppets, make pizza, and tinker.

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