Art + Travel = Inspiration & Soul Satisfaction

Art + Travel = Inspiration & Soul Satisfaction

Artists have always been travelers. In changing their scenery artists seek inspiration, new vistas, and companionship with other artists in different locales. And as lifetime learners, artists are always seeking to learn new methods, materials and techniques. Hence the popularity of multi-day art workshops in beautiful locales where artists can travel to hone their skills. That’s why at ESAC we plan our workshops hoping to offer courses that will attract students from places wide and far in addition to our local students. Just last week I received a call from a woman in South Carolina who was traveling to Fairhope to take a fiber arts workshop at ESAC with Susan Lenz. She wanted advice as to where to stay, and was super excited about the workshop and visiting Fairhope for the first time.

I have a group of artist friends who travel every year to either France or Italy for painting workshops. And many others go annually to artisan schools like Penland or Arrowmont to teach and attend workshops. One of the most rewarding workshops I have ever attended was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Eastern Shore is already a magnet for artists with its beautiful bay views and sunsets. At ESAC, we want to be an integral part of making the Eastern Shore an art-tourism destination. We hope to attract artists experiencing wanderlust by offering challenging and fun artist workshops at ESAC.

Printmaker Amos Kennedy is coming for a free live letterpress printing demonstration on Saturday, February 17. Artists working in acrylic can learn new techniques with textural and surface mediums with Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough in her workshop “Sweeten the Surface” in March. And in April, head outdoors for oil painting en plein air with Kathleen Denis for her workshop, “From Concept to Completion.” And there’s more in the works. Please help us spread the word by sharing our workshops with your artist friends or the creatively inspired around the country. Offer them a place to stay when they travel to our shores to learn and grown in their art. And luckily for those of you who already live here, you don’t have to travel far for great art experiences. So make sure you sign up for a workshop, too!

-Bryant Galloway Whelan

ESAC Executive Director

What awesome art spaces have YOU travelled to? Let us know in the comments below!


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