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Hello, world! And welcome to the Eastern Shore Art Center’s brand new website! To introduce you to the new website, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most exciting features on our site. Without further ado, let’s get started!


10. The Blog

This may seem obvious, as you probably know it exists since you’re reading this post, but we have a blog! You’ll be able to check here for occasional posts about exciting events happening at the Art Center, as well as bios and interviews with some of our students, members, staff, and board. We’ll also feature write-ups of our fundraisers or festivals, and occasionally just fun content – maybe even with guest authors! So keep an eye out – you won’t want to miss a single post!


To read the latest update you can either click the Blog button on the Home page or go to the Blog section under the About tab in the main menu.

9. Teacher (& Board Member & Staff!) Features

On the Home page, you’ll find an area with four profiles of different people affiliated with the Art Center. We’ve asked teachers, board members, and staff to answer a few questions so you can get to know them – and the Art Center! – better. These biographies will rotate every few months, so check back every once in a while to get the scoop.

8. Community Outreach Page

Visit the Community Outreach page (under About in the main menu) to read about Outreach Director Nancy Raia and her various programs and projects, including Senior to Senior, Silver Palette, Artists with a Purpose, and more!

7. Artists Tab

We would be nothing without our artists!  The Artist tab in the main menu is your home for all artist opportunities at the art center. You can:


We also have a Directory of every Artist member of the Art Center, which is updated monthly. You can check out the directory to find out more about our artists and visit their websites as well!

6. Calendar & Events Page

We now have three areas on the Art Center’s page where you can learn about past, current, and upcoming events at the ESAC! On the Home page, we have a section that highlights four upcoming special events, from Art Walks to festivals to fundraisers!

If you want to see more special events than just those four, check out the Events page under Visit in the main menu.

And if you want an even more detailed calendar of everything going on at the ESAC, just click on the Calendar button in the grey bar at the very top of the page! This calendar has everything on it – classes, special events, private events, gallery talks, gallery changeout dates… everything!

5. Education Page

The Academy is one of the vital parts of the ESAC. We offer classes, field trips, tours, and workshops to continue education for our adult members and engage children in the arts! To find out more, go to the Education page under the Visit tab. The Adult and Children pages list out what classes and workshops we have for purchase.


Want to schedule a field trip or tour? The Trips & Tours page has information about our field trips, private classes, tours, and road trips. Go check it out!

4. Exhibits Page

Wish you could learn more about our exhibits and exhibiting artists? Well, your wish has been granted! Under the Visit tab, just click on Exhibits. From this page, you can visit other pages to read about our Past Exhibits, learn about our Current Exhibits, and see what’s coming next!

3. Support the Art Center

In the main menu, you’ll see a tab that says “SUPPORT.” This is your hub for all the ways to support the Art Center’s mission to connect people of all ages and abilities with the arts through education, exhibitions, and outreach services.


  • Want to donate? Go to the Donate page! (Or click the donate button on the Home page)
  • Want to get more involved and join as a member? Purchase or renew your membership by clicking Join!
  • Want to sponsor an event or an Art Walk? Click Sponsor!
  • Want to volunteer time to help the Art Center with events, the front desk, or festivals? Click Volunteer!


Whatever you wish to do to assist the Art Center, you’ll find it under the Support tab. And know that no matter how small or large a gift, whether it be time or a donation, it is always appreciated. We wouldn’t have an Art Center without you!

2. The Shop

Speaking of gifts – we have an online store! We’ll post a selection of items from our gift shop and our galleries for purchase. You can use it to scope out pieces you may want to buy, or you can purchase the items directly! All you’ll need to do is pay with either PayPal or a credit card. We’ll even ship your items to you or hold them at the Art Center for pickup.

1. Create Your Account

Create an account with the ESAC website!  You’ll be able to store payment and billing information, as well as keep track of classes you take (or even pieces from the exhibits or gift shop you buy from the new shop). If you make an account and are currently a member of the Art Center, you will also automatically get your member discount on classes and workshops!

To log in or register, click the Log In button in the grey bar at the top of the page!

And those are our top ten things to check out on the new Eastern Shore Art Center website! We are so excited to finally share this new venture with you. Don’t forget to check back for more blog posts about anything and everything ESAC, and, as always, do something creative today!

Which feature of the new site is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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